Introduction to Bincrafters

Bincrafters began with a few developers who were each publishing Open-Source C and C++ packages to, a cloud hosting service for developers (now powered by JFrog and Artifactory). One of the early challenges with was the lack of many official packages in the central repository: “Conan Center”. allows community developers to create their own public repositories they can publish to, but it becomes hard to work with packages from many repositories. So, this started to lead to a lot of duplicated of effort, and a lack of discoverability due to a sprawling of these packages across many separate repositories. So, several of us who had been working with Conan for some time gathered together and organized our packages into what is now the Bincrafters repository.

We’ve since worked to establish a number of coding standards, guidelines, and conventions which have enabled us to become much more productive at making new packages. When we feel packages are stable, we now submit them to Conan Center and have had great success working with the Conan team. Moving forward, our roadmap is filled with many C and C++ libraries to package, hopefully making them more accessible to developers, and promote more use of C++.