Google Protobuf

Google Protocol Buffers are a method of serializing structured data. It is useful in developing programs to communicate with each other over a wire or for storing data.

As Protobuf is a complex project, we split it into a couple of packages, one package installer only for protoc and one regular package for the libraries.

Protoc Installer

protoc-installer is a Conan package focused in provide only protoc application and CMake files used to import macros, such as protobuf_generate_cpp and protobuf_generate. It does not require any other package.


protobuf is a Conan package designed to distribute only Protobuf libraries, such as libprotobuf, libprotobuf-lite and libprotoc. However, protobuf and lite are mutually related, you should only bind one per configuration. It does not require protoc application to be used.

Protobuf Integration Test

There are many possible scenarios for Protobuf to be used, including embedded systems. When cross building a project, you probably will need all prebuilt libraries for your target architecture, but your protoc should be able to run on your host platform and generate all outputs.

protobuf-integration-test was created to simulate more elaborate, real-life cases, including the example above. Because protoc and protobuf are independent of each other, only a simple Conan test package would not be enough to reproduce some scenarios.

Both protoc-installer and protobuf have a trigger to start a new integration test when the stable branch is updated. Read the Travis and Appveyor files to get more information.